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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Music in the Woods, February 28th


Greetings once again!

We hope you kept February 28, 7pm open, and that we will see all of you at Music in the Woods’ Benefit for Haiti concert at the Auers’  home!
(RSVP to theauerconcerts@hotmail.com or 812-361-5625)

This concert honors the late Benjamin Benjaminov, who served as chemistry professor at Rose-Hulman for 31 years. It was through his efforts that the performing arts series was created. He served as the series’ coordinator until his death in 2006. Classical Pianist Edward Auer

For donating to Haiti relief

As we were organizing this event and asked Nokuthula Ngwenyama if she would participate, we were amazed to learn that she has a very close friend who founded and runs an organization, Haiti Projects, Inc., expressly dedicated to aiding Haiti! It looked almost like a sign… To read a statement from Nokuthula about her friend, Sarah Hackett, and the organization, haitiprojects.org, please see below.

Donations will work like this: Please write a check to your chosen charitable group (obviously one which is currently helping the Haitians), such as

Haiti Project
International Rescue Committee
Doctors without Borders
Red Cross, etc.

and bring it with you to the concert. It will be your admission ticket. The day after the concert, all checks will be sent directly to the respective organizations.

Requested donation: $100 per person
Minimum donation: $75 per person
(Rock-bottom donation: $50)
Students: $20

We realize that these are not small amounts of money, and that many of you have already contributed. But as we all know, the Haitians’ need has not diminished over the weeks since the earthquake. Do please choose the most generous donation amount appropriate in your situation.
We sent announcements to several friends living too far away to attend the concert, simply to let them know what we’re doing. We were hugely gratified when a number of these people immediately wrote back wishing to make a donation despite being unable to come! If any of you are not free the evening of the 28th, any donation to Haiti that you would make through us will be most gratefully accepted.

See you on February 28 at 7pm!
Junghwa & Edward


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Music in the Woods
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